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Wandelen door de rivier de Turia

Tell me about the Turia

The Turia Garden is a public urban park in the city of Valencia, with a length of more than 7 kmThis park is one of the most visited in Valencia and Spain.

It was founded in 1986, several decades after the great flood of Valencia that took place the 14 of October of 1957. The rains overflowed the water from the river Turia and flooded a big part of the city. Valencia suffered serious material damage in which 80 people lost their lives.

The city council and the Government of Spain planned in the 1960s to build a large communications hub (motorways and other means of transport) that would connect the port with the airport and also solve internal traffic. Subsequently, after the citizens movement, 'riu es nostre i el volem verd' (the river is ours and we want it green), a turn towards its conversion into a place of leisure and nature for the citizens and visitors.

So in 1986 the park was inaugurated. The Garden crosses the city from practically the port, specifically from the City of Arts and Sciences, to the new Bioparc.

Nowadays the Turia Garden is one of the biggest attractions for tourists as well as for the inhabitants. Tired of the noise and stress of the city, those who live in the Valencian capital escape to the river to enjoy nature or practice their favorite sport. The tourists are perplexed by the extensive channel that runs through the city that ends at the Port of Valencia where architecture and modernity merge with the simplicity of the promenade.

Turia and Sports

For lovers of sports the Turia Garden hosts an extensive offer of facilities where you can play sports. In addition, it is possible to cross the channel by jogging and, it allows the cyclists and pedestrians to cross great part of the city without the use of roads. The Turia Garden has numerous ponds, trails, fountains, flowers, cafés, works of art, Zen garden and much more. There is also a large space reserved for sports, such as football, rugby, handball, basketball courts, table tennis, skateboarding areas, athletics tracks, climbing walls etc ....

Turia River for all audiences

The green spaces and the tranquility of the area attract the visitor. Some go to the river to enjoy a good book, to stretch daily, to play, to do picnic or simply to relax in the many green spaces of the channel. The Mediterranean climate of the city of Valencia allows the tourist to enjoy all year round open areas.

For music lovers, the riverbed gives it a spectacular Palau de la Música (Music Palace). The building houses a space full of orange trees, waterfalls and gardens, where the musicians of the Valencia Orchestra are collected and is the cradle of the most prestigious ceremonies.

In addition, in the channel can be found several spaces dedicated to the smallest. Children can enjoy Gulliver Park, located under the Puente de Aragón. An emblematic structure of fiberglass, made up of slides and ramps, draws the body of the Gulliver. A space where the smaller ones, and the big ones also, can imagine that they live in the story of Jonathan Swift and let the imagination fly believing characters of the story.

The visitor is steeped in culture, good music, nature, water and landSurrounded by good vibes and fresh air. The perfect pastime for the tourists and for the locals.

The greenest and healthiest Valencia is located in the river bed, where nature, culture and sport travel the Turia from beginning to end.